Hoogo bracing system is the trusted choice of new and old customers
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Hoogo bracing system is the trusted choice of new and old customers

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BorgWarner, a Fortune 500 company and the world's leading provider of automotive power system solutions, signed a contract to settle in Wuhan in 2017, and officially built the first phase of the project in 2018. BorgWarner's Wuhan plant is the only company in the country with motors, electronic controls, and gearboxes. The independent research and development team of the three-in-one project, a factory capable of independently designing and manufacturing three-in-one products, is a leading enterprise in the manufacture of new energy auto parts in the region. In December 2021, BorgWarner started the expansion of the second phase of the project ahead of schedule. In the first phase of the project, Hoogo prefabricated bracings won the recognition of customers with professional technical services and reliable product quality. The second phase project customers chose Hoogo assembly bracing products again. Hoogo continues to adhere to the tenet of "Professional service satisfy the customer, High quality leads the future" to contribute to the BorgWarner Phase II project.



▲BorgWarner Phase I

BorgWarner Wuhan plant covers a total area of 48,595 square meters, with 26,719 square meters built in the first phase and 21,876 square meters in the second phase. The Wuhan plant mainly produces core key components such as electric vehicle drive motors, motor management systems, and electric vehicle electronic control integration. , is one of BorgWarner's three major global factories in the field of new energy drive modules. It mainly supplies major domestic car companies. At present, the monthly production capacity of the first phase of the production line is about 15,000 units. The quarterly production capacity will reach 30,000 units per month. The second phase of the project is under construction and will be put into use in June.

On April 2, 2022, Hoogo received an order for finished stents for the Phase II project of BorgWarner's Wuhan factory. The order was urgent and it was during the Qingming holiday and the outbreak of the epidemic. The supply was difficult. It takes only 5 days from raw material purchase to finished product manufacturing and delivery. Hoogo resolutely completed the order with high quality and quantity, helping customers to solve their urgent needs. At the same time, Hoogo immediately Senior engineers were dispatched to the project to provide on-site technical support services for customers. The technical department quickly responded to the needs of customers and provided professional finished bracingsolutions to ensure the normal progress of the construction of the project.



▲BorgWarner Phase II

In recent years, Hoogo has participated in the construction of projects in all walks of life, and has practiced "thinking about what customers think and worrying about what customers need". Customer satisfaction is the company's commitment. Facing customers, Hoogo has won trust with first-class products and first-class services. In the future, Hoogo will continue to cooperate with customers for win-win cooperation and common development with better products, higher quality and better service.

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