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Customization service of Hoogo bracing

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In order to meet the needs of project customization and practice Hoogo's service concept of "Professional service satisfy the customer, High quality leads the future", Hoogo has provided customized services for many projects, from product development and design, production, sales and service to all customization. It can optimize the allocation of resources to the greatest extent, meet the customized needs of customers, and solve the customer's personalized needs for the appearance, color, length, and pre-assembly of the bracing.


Professional and technical engineers directly connect with the project and optimize the design


According to the customer's project situation, Hoogo deploys professional sales personnel and technical engineers for direct connection, and uses the BIM design software independently developed by Hoogo to accurately design the size of the bracket, and calculate the list of supports and hangers suitable for project installation in the shortest time. The channel steel cutting size of each bracing is calculated and sent to the manufacturing department for production and cutting.



Self-developed BIM software calculates and counts the size list of the bracing

Calculate the cutting method according to the software, and complete the customized production and cutting in the best way


According to the bracing channel dimensions provided by the technical department, the manufacturing department calculates the dimensions of the channel production and the specific cutting plan through professional software, so as to maintain the rapid production efficiency of the section steel production and at the same time carry out the cutting work of the bracing dimensions, with the least cutting loss. There are stand-size cutting jobs. All cutting work is completed in Suzhou Hoogo Manufacturing Department, avoiding hot work on the construction site, so as to meet the safety and clean installation requirements of the construction site.


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The production staff makes customized cutting and packaging according to the size

Channel steel custom size labels, so that the field installer can see at a glance, reducing measurement time

According to the different lengths of the bracings, special size labels are hung at the ports of the bracings in Hoogo factory. Bracings of different lengths and sizes are packaged separately, so that the on-site installers can see the product size at a glance when they receive the bracings, reduce the on-site measurement time, and greatly improve the on-site installation efficiency.


Special vehicle transportation, technical engineer on-site installation guide, and customized service

Hoogo's manufacturing department arranges special vehicle transportation according to the customized size to ensure that the products are safely transported to the installation site at the first time and improve the timeliness. At the same time, technical engineers are arranged to follow up the on-site installation progress at any time, and guide the installation team to install according to the technical drawings to ensure the smooth progress of the installation.


With the needs of the development of the bracing market, customized services will definitely be applied in more engineering projects. Suzhou Hoogo will continue to improve its customized service level, reduce customer customization costs by improving processes, and continue to implement Hoogo well. The service tenet of "Professional service satisfy the customer, High quality leads the future" makes customers always believe that Hoogo is a trustworthy partner forever.

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