New starting point, new atmosphere and new journey - Hoogo engineer training in 2022
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New starting point, new atmosphere and new journey - Hoogo engineer training in 2022

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In July 2022, the R&D department of Hoogo company welcomed a new group of college students who are full of vigor and dreams, entering a new starting point in life.

The entry of new employees is one of the most important tasks of the company. On July 1st, the company held a welcoming ceremony for new employees in 2022. The general manager, the chairman of the trade union and the technical director of Hoogo delivered speeches to welcome the new colleagues. The general manager introduced the company's development and future planning, and asked all employees to keep in mind the business philosophy of "Professional service satisfy the customer, High quality leads the future", and work together to build Hoogo into a first-class enterprise in the bracing industry.



Entry is only the starting point, and integration into the company is the key. In order to integrate new colleagues into the Hoogo family as soon as possible, the company formulated a systematic training plan that lasted for two months in advance, and specially hired Peng Fei, a senior expert in the bracing industry, as the company's technical consultant. Technical consultants and company leaders work together to bring comprehensive and practical training content to new colleagues from entry to industry difficulties, which not only allows new employees to quickly master work skills, but also allows old employees to jump out of their inherent thinking and absorb new ideas. In order to cultivate the spirit of teamwork, the company divides new colleagues into groups, and each team member needs to cooperate and cooperate with each other to complete the training tasks together. At the end of the training, each colleague gave a speech on the entire training content, summed up the knowledge and insights they had learned, and shared their gains with other colleagues. Through the factory training, he learned about the company's product characteristics, production technology and operation process, deeply understood his job responsibilities, and strengthened his sense of ownership. Each new colleague personally assembled the company's products, and conducted mechanical tests on some products in Hoogo's laboratory, so as to have a deeper understanding of Hoogo's emphasis on "ensuring safety, paying attention to details and improving quality".






In order to increase team cohesion, the company organized team building activities after the training. The midsummer scorching sun is like fire, and the cool river water brings endless coolness and joy to everyone. The little friends increased their understanding of each other through laughter and laughter, gained friendship, and truly felt the warmth of the Hoogo family.




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