Hoogo bracing system is applied to the construction project of the Winter Olympics
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Hoogo bracing system is applied to the construction project of the Winter Olympics

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The 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics is getting closer and closer. As the world's largest winter comprehensive games, the Winter Olympics will definitely have a positive impact on promoting the exchange and integration of Chinese and Western cultures and enhancing national self-confidence. The Olympic Games is a global sports event. It not only provides an arena for athletes from all over the world to show themselves, but also builds the best learning and exchange platform for promoting world peace, enhancing mutual understanding, realizing cultural integration, and conveying friendship between civilizations. By hosting the Winter Olympics, my country can further invigorate the national spirit, publicize China's splendid civilization and excellent culture, demonstrate the strength and spiritual outlook of a major country, and enhance national cohesion and pride. Hoogo Electromechanical Pipeline Seismic Support and Hanger System has been successfully applied to the Beijing Winter Olympics Village project to protect the safety of the global Winter Olympics athletes. It is a great honor.

Beijing Winter Olympic Village is one of the venues for the Beijing Winter Olympics, with a total construction area of about 333,000 square meters. It is located in Plot 11, Olympic Sports Culture and Business Park, Chaoyang District, the core area of Beijing Olympic Park. The area is about 190,000 square meters. The underground is an overall garage with a total of 3 floors. The ground is 11 main buildings with a maximum of 17 floors and a building height of 60 meters. The structure is an underground reinforced concrete structure and an above-ground prefabricated steel structure building.

During the game, the athletes and team officials of various countries will be provided with accommodation, catering, medical care and other security services. After the game, the Beijing Winter Olympic Village will be used as a public rental housing for talents in Beijing, and will be allocated to talents who are in line with the strategic positioning of the capital city.

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Hoogo Electromechanical Pipeline Seismic Support and Hanger System has been successfully applied to the Beijing Winter Olympics Village Project to protect the safety of the global Winter Olympic athletes; Hoogo Pipeline Seismic Support System has obtained the type test report, the State Earthquake Administration simulation test report, and the FM seismic support certification report, etc. In addition, Hoogo post-expanded anchor bolts have obtained the highest certification of domestic anchor bolts - S-type anchor bolt certification, which can be applied to cracked concrete and withstand earthquake action. At present, Hoogo pipeline anti-seismic supports and hangers have obtained more than 100 domestic and international anchors. Testing and certification are the most complete in the industry. The application of Hoogo's integrated seismic connectors has greatly accelerated the construction progress and injected a strong impetus for the successful completion of the Winter Olympic Village. At present, Hoogo has applied 1000+ projects in the field of seismic support and hangers, which are distributed in industries, residences and subways. , airports, energy and other fields.

It has successively undertaken projects such as: Shanghai Tesla Super Factory, Hefei NIO Automobile, Nanjing Gree Electric Appliances, Shanghai IKEA LIVAT Centres Commercial Complex, ZTE R&D and Production Phase I of 5G, Shanghai Sub-Packaging Capacity Building Project No. 123 (New Crown Vaccine) Branch Packaging workshop, Guangzhou Science City Unicom Data Center Huawei Computer Room, China Mobile Data Center (Shanghai Lingang Project), Bangladesh Padma Water Plant, Shanghai Microsatellite Engineering Center Satellite Development, Suzhou Wharf International Finance Center, State Oceanic Administration Tianjin Seawater Research Institute of Desalination and Comprehensive Utilization, Beijing Winter Olympic Village Talent Public Rental Housing, Tianjin National Convention and Exhibition Center, Beijing Zhongguancun Dongsheng Science and Technology Park, Beijing Metro, Hangzhou Metro and many other large-scale projects at home and abroad.

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During the eight years since its establishment, Hoogo has continuously achieved various achievements and won the title of Private Technology Enterprise in Jiangsu Province in 2018. In recent years, it has passed ISO9001, ISO14001, ISO45001, American FM, AAA, intellectual property management system certification, five-star after-sales service certification, various product testing reports and soft copy certification, more than 100 international and domestic testing, and has 55 technicians. More than 30 patents (including a full set of patents for the company's independent research and development of anti-fall finished brackets, aluminum alloy finished brackets, etc.), and more than 10 patents are being authorized. At the same time, it participated in the compilation of GB/T 38053-2019 General Technical Requirements for Prefabricated Supports and Hangers, GB50981-2014 Code for Seismic Design of Building Mechanical and Electrical Engineering (Revision) and other national codes. The support design software independently developed by the company has greatly improved the design efficiency and reduced the Deepen the cycle and improve customer satisfaction. In 2019, it passed the certification of "National High-tech Enterprise".

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