Hoogo Anchoring System is in TIKTOK!
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Hoogo Anchoring System is in TIKTOK!

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HG-N390 anchoring adhesive is a two-component modified epoxy resin adhesive. It is upgraded on the original basis, and the hose is re-reinforced and designed. The composition is epoxy A-grade adhesive. Hoogo Anchoring Adhesive is a safe, reliable and high-quality product, widely used, and won the trust of the market and customers.


Product advantages

l By modifying the epoxy resin, it not only maintains the comprehensive superior performance of the colloid, but also greatly shortens the curing time at low temperature.

l The colloid is covered with elastic reactive spheroids, which improves the strength, toughness, and anti-splitting and impact resistance of the reinforced rubber; the molecular structure is successfully grafted with hydrophilic groups and hydrophobic groups, no matter in dry or humid environment. maintain superior performance.

l Advanced high-speed dual-planetary power mixing equipment, materials are dispersed and mixed evenly without dead ends, no bubbles with vacuum treatment, more stable performance, more sufficient packaging, and longer storage time. The colloid solidifies more densely and has better mechanical properties.

l Using nano material technology, multi-dimensional network structure makes it achieve good thixotropic effect.

l Safety appraisal report, Exportable.


Product Features & Operational Time


Scope of application

l Reinforcing bars and bolts in concrete members;

l Curtain wall stone dry hanging bracing fixed;

l Building structural reinforcement and frame planting bars;

l Fixing of various equipment foundations;

l Anchorage connection between steel structure and concrete structure;

l Reinforcement of reconstruction and expansion projects;

l Road sound insulation boards and guardrails are fixed.


Operation process

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