Hoogo participated in the construction of the "NIO Automobile" project
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Hoogo participated in the construction of the "NIO Automobile" project

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Following Shanghai Tesla and Nansha Evergrande, Hoogo has ushered in a landmark project in the field of new energy vehicles - NIO Automobile. NIO is committed to providing users with high-performance smart electric vehicles and the ultimate user experience. Create a pleasurable lifestyle.

Hefei NIO is located in the north of Xinqiao Science and Technology Innovation Demonstration Zone in Hefei Economic Development Zone, adjacent to Xinqiao International Airport in the west and Xinqiao International Town in the south. The park is planned to cover a total area of 16,950 mu, including three areas—intelligent manufacturing area, R&D living area and ecological culture area. The planned vehicle production capacity is 1 million units/year, and the battery capacity is 100GWh/year. After it is fully completed, the annual output value is expected to reach 500 billion yuan.


The application of Hoogo prefabricated anti-fall finished bracket in NIO Automobile▼


▲Comprehensive support and hanger for painting workshop


▲The roof support and hanger of the assembly workshop


▲Hoogo engineers on-site service

Thanks to Hoogo's increasing brand value, Hoogo quality and Hoogo service have been recognized by end customers and contractors. Holding two business cards of quality and service, Hoogo will redefine the future of prefabricated supports and hangers, and lead the way future.

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