Tuned Mass Damper Tuned Mass Damper

Tuned Mass Damper

Product Description


In traditional floor or bridge deck design, crowd loads are generally simplified as static loads without considering their dynamic effects. In practice, the crowd load is a dynamic load. Under the traditional design method, although the strength of the floor or bridge deck is rarely damaged due to the failure to meet the bearing capacity requirements, the floor damage caused by the vibration of the floor and bridge deck, personnel Casualties do occur from time to time. With the development of technology, large-span, long cantilever structures and other structures continue to emerge, and the issue of floor comfort is increasingly valued by designers. The root of the floor comfort problem is that the vertical frequency of the floor is small. When the vertical frequency of the floor is close to the walking frequency of the people, it is easy to cause the floor resonance phenomenon. In order to solve the above problems, on the basis of long-term research on vibration reduction technology, combined with a large number of engineering practical experience, the research shows that the TMD system has a good vibration reduction effect for the response caused by the long-period and narrow-band dynamic load.

Product features

It is equipped with a two-way positioning device, which can effectively prevent the left and right swaying, even out of control or overturning when it is subjected to side force.

The tuning stiffness of the tuned mass damper can be appropriately adjusted according to the needs, and the adjustment range is ±15% of the design stiffness. Adjust appropriately according to the measured results of on-site dynamic characteristics.

It can reduce the frequency of TMD, eliminate the influence of the inconsistency between the actual frequency of the project and the calculated frequency due to calculation or construction and other reasons, and improve the control effect of the system.

The viscous damper in the tuned mass damper is controllable to eliminate the hysteresis phenomenon caused by the reduction of system vibration sensitivity caused by friction in the damper.

The whole system has a compact and reasonable structure, and occupies a relatively small volume. The minimum height can be controlled within 600mm, and the space utilization rate is high.

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