Friction Damper Friction Damper

Friction Damper

Product Description


Friction dampers consume the input energy through frictional slip between components, and are used in engineering because of their simple structure, stable performance, and large damping force. For structures with friction dampers, under normal use loads, the friction dampers provide additional stiffness to the structure without slipping; under moderate and large earthquakes, the friction dampers work by generating frictional slip to consume and absorb earthquakes The input energy provides additional damping to the structure, thereby reducing the structural response.

Product features 

The hysteresis curve is basically rectangular, and the shock absorption effect is obvious;

Velocity correlation, small displacement correlation, stable performance;

Good cycle durability, no need for post-maintenance;

Damping force can also be generated under small displacement;

It will not be damaged by major earthquakes, so it does not need to be replaced;

The mechanical model is simple, and the analysis and design of structural vibration reduction are simple and easy;

Simple structure and low cost;



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