Rack Corner Warning Light
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Rack Corner Warning Light Rack Corner Warning Light

Rack Corner Warning Light

Product Description


It is used in places where the corners of blind spots of vision intersect to reduce the collision of mobile devices with people or other mobile devices. It has the function of early warning, such as: shelf corners, traffic turns and other areas

Technical data

Material: ABS

Battery type: Lithium battery 7.4V, 5AH

Product size: 155*110* 210 mm

Product features

The shell is made of bright ABS yellow plastic, shield design, with strong warning effect

Built-in intelligent sensing system, early warning through voice and LED lights

The sensing distance is adjustable, and the sensing distance of 3-9m can be customized according to customer needs

Different warning voices can be recorded as needed, and different volume levels can be set

The brightness of LED lights can be adjusted to adapt to the brightness of different environments

There is a large-capacity lithium battery inside, which can be disassembled and recharged for repeated use, and has a power display screen

The back is connected with magnets, and the height can be adjusted freely

There are IoT connection terminals inside, which can customize the IoT system for data sharing, storage, analysis and other functions

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