Double Channel - 64 Punched Double Channel Steel
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Double Channel - 64 Punched Double Channel Steel Double Channel - 64 Punched Double Channel Steel

Double Channel - 64 Punched Double Channel Steel

Product Description


Used for anti-fall bracing cross arm

The perfect and efficient solution for pipes, air ducts and bridge support systems

Technical data

Material: SGC440/Q235B/KS-SGMH490

Surface treatment: Pre-galvanized/ hot-dip galvanized/ Al-Zn-Mg coating/ epoxy spray

Product features

There are graduation marks on the surface for easy measurement and cutting

There are mounting holes on the side, which can realize the bolt connection, which is safe and reliable

The channel flanges have teeth, which can be perfectly matched with the pipe bundle system

Double channel steel adopts hot-melt welding process, and the strength is reliable

The bearing capacity of the double channel steel is significantly improved, and the upper and lower sides of the channel steel can fix the pipeline

Nice appearance


Mechanical test report, anti-corrosion performance test report, fire resistance test report, Anti-fatigue test report, impact test report


Product name

Surface treatment

Item No.

Product code

64 punched double channel steel-HDZ


41*128*2.5 M10


64 punched double channel steel-HDG

Hot-dip galvanized

41*128*2.5 M10


64 punched double channel steel-ZMA

Al-Zn-Mg coating

41*128*2.5 M10


64 punched double channel steel-EP

Epoxy spray

41*128*2.5 M10


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