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Buckling Restrained Brace Buckling Restrained Brace

Buckling Restrained Brace

Product Description


The buckling restrained energy dissipation support structure system can not only meet the requirements of lateral stiffness of structures, but also avoid the disadvantage of buckling of ordinary bracings under compression. It has good hysteretic energy dissipation capacity and is widely used. It can be used not only in new projects but also in seismic reinforcement and reconstruction of existing buildings. Its application fields include:

High rise buildings, stadiums, airports, hospitals, exhibition centers, industrial plants.

Product features

The section is smaller than the general steel support;

Good ductility;

The loading cycle of the plastic section meets the requirements of the specification for 30 weeks;

Meet the displacement requirements of the specification for small, medium and large earthquakes of the structure;

The connection method is simple: flange connection, bolt connection, welding and pin connection;

There is no need to replace it in case of small and medium earthquakes, and it depends on the damage of the main structure in case of large earthquakes;

Good sealing performance. Rubber materials with good compatibility with media or metal seals shall be used as seals;

Performance test

The buckling restrained support parts should be able to show stable and repeatable hysteretic performance, and it is required that the support should be deformed three times in tension and compression at 1/300, 1/200, 1/150, and 1/100 of the support length. It has a stable and full hysteresis curve. After the well reciprocates for 30 cycles at 1/80 of the buckling restraint brace length and displacement amplitude, the main design index error and attenuation of the buckling restraint brace should not exceed 15%, and there should be no obvious difference. Low cycle fatigue phenomenon.

Technical data - Properties Table of Core Board Material

Material symbols

Yield point(N/mm2)

Tensile strength(N/mm2)

Yield ratio (%)






















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