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Beijing Metro Line 17

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Beijing Metro Line 17

Beijing metro line 17 is a subway line under construction in Beijing, China. It was started in October 2015. The southern section (jiahuihu station to Shilihe station) will be opened for operation at the end of 2021. The northern section (Workers Stadium station to North District Station of future science and technology city) is expected to be opened for operation at the end of 2022. The middle section (Workers Stadium station to Shilihe station) will be opened for operation at the end of 2023. The sign color is to be determined.

Beijing metro line 17 starts from the North Station of future science and Technology City in Changping District and ends at the South Station in front of Yizhuang station in Tongzhou District. It passes through Chaoyang District of Beijing and crosses Wangjing, Taiyanggong, Xiba River, workers' Stadium, secondary canal and other areas. Along the way, it can transfer with lines 1, 3, 6, 7, 10, 12, 13, 14, 15, 28 and Yizhuang line. At the same time, this line is parallel to line 5 and connected to the dense area of Tongtian Tongyuan, It will greatly share the passenger flow pressure of line 5.

Beijing metro line 17 has a total length of 49.7 kilometers and 21 stations, all of which are underground.

Beijing Metro is the first to adopt the integrated ceiling comprehensive bearing system in China. The advantage of this system is that it adopts the bare roof in the public area, and integrates the pipelines of ventilation and air conditioning, water supply and drainage, power lighting, Fas, power supply, communication signal, AFC and other disciplines (such as air duct, water pipe, cable tray, gas fire extinguishing pipeline, etc.), as well as the lighting fixtures, broadcasting, cameras, guidance signs and other related equipment in the area on the comprehensive bearing system, It avoids the construction and appearance problems caused by various decoration hanging points.

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