HG-390 Manual Anchor Adhesive Dispensers
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HG-390 Manual Anchor Adhesive Dispensers HG-390 Manual Anchor Adhesive Dispensers

HG-390 Manual Anchor Adhesive Dispensers

Product Description


Hoogo manual anchor adhesive dispenser is suitable for HG-N390 anchoring adhesive, easy to use, can save materials and improve production efficiency

Technical data

Shell Material: Nylon

Operating temperature: -15℃ - 60℃

Product features

Easy to carry and easy to apply;

The thrust is above 600kgf (6.0kn);

Easy to glue, long service life, easy to use with high viscosity;

Double-rod synchronous drive, the glue output is balanced, and the tube does not burst;

Ergonomic design, good hand feel, easy to glue.


Product name




Product code

HG-N 390  anchor adhesive dispenser (390ml)



600kgf (6.0kn)


Product structure

①Wrench plastic parts: used to apply glue, control the operation function of the push rod, and control the flow of glue

②Rear handle: fixed push rod, easy for push rod extension

③The body of the armrest: the structure of the fixed movement is convenient for the manual operation of pushing the glue

④Hose iron frame: the place where the hose is placed, the hose is fixed

⑤Push rod: push the glue pushing function of the push piece

⑥Pusher: combined with pusher to push the glue


The push rod should be kept clean at all times, and it should not be wet with water or residual glue, which may easily cause damage to the glue gun;

Regularly lubricate the push rod for maintenance to prevent rust;

Do not disassemble this product by yourself, as disassembly by non-professionals will cause damage to the product;

Hands must be kept away from the working area of the push rod and the push rod piston, and do not put your fingers into the hose seat to avoid danger;

Be careful not to drop the labels and nameplates so that they can be accurately described in the repair.

Storage and transportation

Store and transport in an environment of -15°C to 60°C and relative humidity less than or equal to 80%, it is recommended to use the original packaging for transport.

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